Tujavej 11, Køge

Test site


Tujavej 11, Køge
Tujavej 11
4600 Køge

Susanne Rinette Pedersen
Region Sjælland

T: 5787 5843
E: [email protected]

Site owner:
Region Sjælland

Tujavej 11 is a residential home, build in 197X. The site was a part of a former metal industial production where TCE was used in the production. Large spills has left a contaminated site where soil vapor intrusion has made the house uninhabitable.

Today the house is owned by Region Zealand and the former residenst has moved. This results in a house where a wide range of testing and development is possible and where reestablishing has considerable lower costs than test carried out in residented houses.

Site presentation

The site is a part of a fomer metal industrtry. The primary activitiy, degreasing metal items with TCE, have taken place om the neighboring property. There has been waste of TCE at both sites, witch are spread to a larger area, including several nearby properties. Region Zealand acquired the property in 2016, and it allows to use it for testing and development of methods for remediation in soil and groundwater, ensuring indoor air quality in a residenential area, where a complicated horisozontal spredading of contamination in clay and sand lenses 2-4 meters below ground, and to a deeper secondary and a primary aquifer. Furthermore drinking water line to the house and sewage(drain) are contaminated.
A current challenge is to ensure that contamination does not spread futher against uncontaminated sites. 

The local geology is basicly danien limestone superimposed by glacial deposited clay (14 - 12 m.b.g.).  The clay is superimposed by glacial sand (12 - 7 m.b.g.) and again superimposed by a glacial clay (7 - 0 m.b.g.).

Primary watertable is apx.  xx m.b.g., upper secondary watertable is apx. 0.7 m.b.g. A deeper secondary watertable is apx. 0.2 m.b.g.




Forureningen består primært af TCE, men også nedbrydningsprodukter herfra. Forureningen er spredt over flere matrikler, og der er på testsiten og den oprindelige industrigrund påvist hot-spot områder formentligt forårsaget af spild. På testsiten ligger hot-spot i den nuværende indkørsel. Forureningen er påvist i jord, poreluft, og alle 3 grundvandsførende lag. Forureningen er sivet ind i kloaksytemet med en påvirkning i kloakstrenge på testsiten på op til 10.000 µg/m³. I hotspot er der påvist jordkoncentrationer op til 1.300 mg/kg, og terrænnære grundvandskoncentrationer på op til 330.000µg/l, poreluftkoncentrationer op til 72.000 µg/m³. Forureningen er spredt fra hotspotsområder i det terrænnære grundvand i flere retninger. I det nedre sekundære magasin er der påvist koncentrationer op til 1.300 µg/l og i det primære kalk er der påvist op til 1.9000 µg/l. Boringer til det nedre sekundære og primære magasin ligger ikke på testsiten.  

Forureningen påvirker indeklimaet i flere ejendomme, herunder testsiten, og der er risiko for fortsat spredning i terræn, og spredning mod det primære grundvandsmagasin.





The Site is located in an ordinary residential area. All traffic and transport must be done with caution!
The driveway is 3,5 m wide.
No parking of heavy equipment is allowed on roads or other public areas.
There is no obstacles above ground ie. power chords.

Small tea kitchen, coffee, refrigerator etc. 
projector and screen
meeting table

Pizza and grill nearby

Max power is fused for 3X32A (cabled for  3x50A) 


Site is 868 m2

House is 134 m2


All projects must be approved by Region Zealand.
To achieve approval, all details has to be disclosed to the Region after signed of the NDA. This is to ensure that all projects meet the region's security, etc. and do not interfere in other projects. There must be, in confidence, to be fully transparent technical and chemical details. In cases where it will require the need to obtain permission from the local municipality responsibility of the project owner and must be documented to the region.

Upcoming projects