Miljø og Ressourcer

Ørstedsgade, Rudkøbing

Temporary test site - Former dry cleaner - contaminated with PCE
Testsite until medio 2018.


Ørstedsgade, Rudkøbing
Ørstedsgade 26
5900 Rudkøbing

Kristian Dragsbæk Raun
Region Syddanmark

T: 76631934
E: [email protected]

Site owner:
Region of Southern Denmark


Begrundelse for sitet

This is a temporary testsite until medio 2018, when the building will be demolished. The building is a residential house with two small businesses.  At the moment the building is empty but heated.

The testsite can be used to test different investigative approaches which can not be tested normally due to tenants.



- uppermost to meters are earth fill

- 2-5 m.b.s. moraine clay



The testsite are polluted with PCE. The hotspot are situated below the building and the indoor air are heavily polluted. For more information please see the attached documents.


Adgang til sitet

Access is easy with car. But access with big machinery is limited.


Water, electricity.

Krav til projektejere

You need permission from Region of Southern Denmark before any visits and tests.

Kommende projekter

Region of Southern Denmark are planning different tests in the next 3/4 year and your projekt, if accepted, need to be finished before we demolish the building by the end of 2018.